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TrueCloud Connect™ 

Our unique system architecture is what allows us to seamlessly connect Properties and Users, to our Solutions.


What is OmniPoint®?

OmniPoint® is a wireless multi-point access control
system that utilizes a hub and spoke methodology

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Your Virtual Security Guard

Revolutionary access control, live streaming video,
telephone entry and cloud-based administration

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Total Property Wireless Access

Solutions Controlled By a Single Login to TrueCloud Connect


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Branded level service provided to installing dealers
& the property manager(s) of multi-family,
HOA and enterprise markets.

Total Property
Wireless Access

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WIRELESS Access Control
Since 2006

Total Property Wireless Access … from Day One

Over 17,000 installations

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Number of app users

Dealer Support avg hold time 7/15 to 7/19

Customer Svc avg hold time 7/15 to 7/19

A Message from CellGate Founder,
Noel Gouldin

CellGate introduces the next great wireless technology

Total Property Wireless Access

A Combined Watchman/OmniPoint® Solution

Watchman video telephone entry, access control & visitor management combined with OmniPoint’s wireless multi-point access control provides a complete solution for almost any multi-family property. All powered by a single TrueCloud Connect login.

Virtual Key Visitor Management

OmniPoint™ Wireless Multi-Point Access Control

Multi-Family Total Property Wireless Access (Slider)

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